Colours & Samples


How do I choose a colour? Colour consultancy services and samples overview

The range of available colours is vast, virtually unlimited. Colour is not an absolute concept. The colour we see depends on how the “coloured” surface reflects light, and this in turn depends on the texture and material used in the surface finish. So when choosing a colour, we shouldn’t base our decision merely on what we find on the colour book: the yellow or the red we see there may turn out to be completely different in reality, depending on whether we apply it with a smooth or textured finish, or use a lime-based polished plaster instead of an acrylic one. This is why each product comes with its own standard colour book showing you the exact combination of finish and colour.

In other words, when choosing colours you need to see them with the type of finish you want.


Standard colours vs. custom colours

We have many different colour books: some of these are suitable for more than one product, while others are product-specific. But every product has at least one standard colour book, which customers can use to choose a colour for a particular product or sample.

We can also provide custom colour products to ensure we meet our customers’ needs. What does this mean in practice?

You are also free to choose a colour from a non-IR Colours book. There are a number of widely available and internationally recognised colour books, e.g. NCS, RAL, PANTONE. Maybe you have one of these already? Just tell us the code!

Or maybe you’d like us to reproduce the colour of the fabric used on your favourite sofa? Just send us a sample!

No matter the colour, once we’ve identified it (using a known colour code or a real sample) we can reproduce it. And once we’ve made it, you can order it again as many times as you like!


Colour database

We store every “colour formula”, whether standard or custom, in a colour archive, which means we know exactly what was delivered to any of our customers, even years after they made their order. So the next time you order a custom colour, whether for a small repair job or an entirely new project, you can order it just as you would for any other standard colour!


Colour samples

Whether you choose a standard or custom colour, before making the final decision you should first view a real sample of the chosen product – we don’t recommend basing your decision on how the colour looks on the computer screen or a print-out, as “paper & ink” and monitor technologies do not render colour and texture accurately.


Samples from IR Colours

IR Colours can provide you with both colour product samples (small quantities of a colour product for you to apply yourself) and pre-applied coloured board samples (the requested finish, both in standard or custom colours, is pre-applied to a 3 mm thick Forex board, 50 x 35 cm). The choice is yours.


Order your samples

No matter if you’re looking for standard colours samples or for a custom colour sample, all you need do is send us the details of your request via our contact form, mentioning the nature of your request (product and/or finished board sample), the desired product/finish, the colour code and code source (e.g. our colours book, PANTONE, NCS, RAL, etc.)