About Us

The company

IR COLOURS was established in Bucharest, Romania, in 1997, by a group of Italian specialists with a passion for high quality decorative finishes keen to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a fast growing country like Romania.

The “I” in IR COLOURS stands for Italy, and the “R” either for Romania, the country which have been hosting us for so many years, either for Romagna, the region of Italy we come from.

From the beginning our focus has always been on providing high quality products and services, rather than high-volume, mass market products.

IR COLOURS produces and delivers coloured finishes for high quality interior decoration as well as façades.

Our products include a broad range of high quality interior and exterior decorative finishes: from traditional Italian polished plasters and venetian plasters (Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino, Stucco Grassello) to finishes designed to imitate concrete, stone, fabric, metal or virtually any other kind of material. We take our inspiration from nature and the environment we live in.

Many of our customers already have an interior design concept in mind when they come to us and are looking for someone to implement it. Which is exactly what we do! We take our customers' ideas and provide them with a final solution, taking care of the many details along the way. By getting to know our customers, we are able to serve them better!

We do our job with a passion. We like being creative. We like the fact that by creating warm, welcoming and beautiful interiors we are also helping to improve the quality of life of the people living in these spaces.

We treat each of our customers' requests as a fresh challenge: we avoid standard solutions and offer a lot of customisation in meeting our customers' wishes. This makes our product catalogue more of a “solutions” catalogue: it is always evolving to include new finishes, colours and textures, many of which are developed for specific projects, rather than through a more conventional R&D process. Because we treat each new customer request as a unique challenge, if we don't believe one of our standard finishes represents the best solution, we will happily consider creating a new one!

A turn-key service

IR COLOURS acts as a professional partner to interior designers and architects during the entire process of selecting colours and finishes, from product design through to application.


We like to work together with designers in order to help them transform their design concepts into real finishes. Our “samples service” provides the basic tool they can use to achieve this. For example, professional designers can request samples in exactly the same colour they used in their 3D models (custom colour samples), or we can even come up with a brand new finish specifically developed for their project.

Finish application

We turn a design concept into practice. Here we propose two different approaches.

1. Application on premises

We take care of the application of your chosen finish on your premises using our own craftsmen. We have successfully completed many projects throughout Europe, spanning from residential to retail spaces.

We deliver globally!

2. Application on decorative panels

The choice of finish is pre-applied to special panels for wall mounting; this solution can prove more cost effective, as it requires less time and fewer people, and allows for better and easier scheduling, not requiring skilled craftsmen to mount the panels.

We can provide the panels with or without the wall mounting system.